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This page will guide you through the installation process of this application.

Get docker-compose.yml

First, create a new directory for the application and download the latest docker-compose.yml file from the repository.

Download docker-compose.yml
curl --output docker-compose.yml

Configure the application

Open the docker-compose.yml file in your favorite editor and adjust the following settings:

# Always use a reverse proxy like nginx to proxy the requests to this container
- ''
- '' # Change to a non public unused port
- URL= # Public url of the api
- URL= # Your public url
- PORT=3000 # The port the api is listening on (inside the container)

Change the URL to the public url of your application and modify the ports setting to a non public port that is not used by another application on your server. You can also use Docker networks to communicate with the container from other containers.

Configure the reverse proxy

The application is designed to be used behind a reverse proxy like nginx, that handles the tls termination and proxies the requests to the application. You can find example proxy configurations on the page Reverse Proxy.

Start the application

Finally, start the application with the following command:

Terminal window
docker compose up -d

Make sure the container is not restarting and check the logs for any errors:

Terminal window
docker compose logs -f

If you open the url of your application in your browser, you should see a welcome page. Congratulations, you have successfully installed the application! 🎉

Next steps