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Private Registry Authentication

Pulling images from a private container registry is a bit more complicated than pulling from a public registry, because the authentication information must be provided. There are two ways to do this:

Docker Config

By default the Docker Container will mount the ~/.docker/config.json file into the container. If that file contains the authentication information for the registry, the container will be able to pull images from the registry.

- '~/.docker/config.json:/home/node/.docker/config.json:ro'

If you start the container with a mounted config.json file and an external credential store is used, a warning will be displayed in the logs.

Add credentials via CLI

It is also possible to add login data for a registry via the CLI. It is stored in a file called registry-auth.json in data volume of the container.

To open the CLI, run the following command:

Terminal window
docker exec -it docker-deploy-api cli

Then select the option “Add registry login data and press enter. After that you will be asked for the registry URL, username and password.

Terminal window
🐳 Docker Deploy CLI by Timo Kössler
What do you want to do? · Add registry login data
Loaded auth data
Do you want to add login data for Docker Hub or for another container registry? · Other registry / Docker Hub
Please enter the host or url of the container registry you want to add ·
Please enter the username that should be used for logging in · docker
Please enter the password · **************
Successfully saved login data