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Let’s say you build a Docker image for your application using a CI/CD pipeline and upload the image to a Docker registry. But how do you update the running containers on your servers with the new image? You can use Docker Deploy API to do that.


  • Pull new image and recreate container, or only recreate or restart a container
  • Update multiple containers at once 🔄️
  • Clean up old images 🧹
  • Works with private Docker registries 🔒
  • No need to give your CI/CD pipeline SSH access to your servers 🛡️
  • Works without any database
  • Support for nearly any CI/CD pipeline, e.g. GitHub Actions, GitLab CI, etc.

How it works

Docker Deploy API is a HTTP API that you can call from your CI/CD pipeline. The request contains a deploy token that you can generate using the CLI tool. This token is used to authenticate the request and contains the configuration for the deployment. For convenience, there is a bash script that you can use in your CI/CD pipeline for sending the request.


Copyright © Timo Kössler - Released under the MIT license